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Waffle baking mixes

What kind of waffles are there? What is the difference? between them?

Brussels waffles
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
The big rectangular waffle, ideal for toppings like fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Liege waffles
A delicacy from itself.
The big oval waffle, often filled with pearl sugar.

Waffle on a stick
Present it with a nice Chocolat dip, sprinkles and so.
The event waffle for festivals.

Americano waffles
The American breakfast waffle.
Delicious with toppings like berries, Golden syrup or maple syrup.

Bubble waffles
Or Hong Kong / Ping Pong waffle.
Shaped into a cone, is this the perfect waffle for crazy fillings
like whipped cream and ice cream inside.
Decorate on top with choclats, M&M`s and sauces.




How are waffles made?

Most recipes contain a lot of butter and sugar.
Our baking mixes are a little healthier ; )

Mak a mix or batter,
preheat the waffle machine
Place the batter in the waffle machine
Bake the waffle till it is done.
Present the waffle to the customer or decorate the waffle.

The 5 different waffles

Liege waffles
Waffles on a stick
Brussels waffles
Bubble waffles
Americano waffles

We make ready mixes, only to add water.
For professionals, restaurants and supermarkets worldwide.
Private label is available.
Our packaging is from 500 grams to 25 kg.
Visit our stand at the PLMA in Amsterdam.


Our Easy Pancake concept

Is brilliant for restaurants lunchrooms and foodtrucks who also have pancakes on their menu.Our special machine cooks the pancake in just one minute. Our Easy pancake mix can also be used in Pancake caroussel, or in the cookingpan.